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LSTK contract for Talcher Fertilizers

for Talcher

LUMP SUM KEY CONTRACTfor Talcher Fertiliser project awarded. The project will help revive closed fertilizer plants

Minster for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel, Mr Dharmendra Pradhan speaking at the contract award ceremony , in the presence of Minister for Chemicals and Fertilisers, Mr D V Sadananda Gowda and other noticeables

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Marking an important milestone for Talcher Fertilizers Limited (TFL), the Lump Sum Term Key (LSTK) contract of the project has been awarded and a 'Ceremony of Award' was held here today in the presence of the Minister for Chemicals and Fertilisers, Mr D V Sadananda Gowda, Minster for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel, Mr Dharmendra Pradhan other guests.

The LSTK contract has been awarded to Wuhuan Engineering , China which has been selected as the LSTK contractor for implementing the coal gasification and ammonia/urea packages of Talcher Fertilizers Ltd. after following rigorous tendering process. M/s Wuhuan has rich EPC experience in coal gasification plants.

In order to augment the domestic urea capacity, revival of closed fertilizer units of Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd. (FCIL) has been top priority agenda of the Government of India. Accordingly, the Government has mandated TFL, a Joint Venture Company of nominated PSUs viz. RCF, CIL, FCIL and GAIL, to revive the Talcher unit of FCIL.

The project shall improve India's self-sufficiency in Urea and promote agriculture growth thereby reducing the import of urea in the country which shall in turn is expected to have a significant effect on the LNG imports besides providing employment opportunities to the local populace and also flipping the ancillary industries in the region. Further success of this technology shall open up new areas in the Indian energy context leading to alternative use of high ash Indian coal in the areas other than conventional thermal power production.

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The 'Inauguration of Works' of the project has already been done by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Sept, 2018

Since then TFL is executing many of the pre project activities at site which are essential before actual project work commences. Activities like site development, provision of construction water and power, guest house etc. are currently underway at the Talcher site and shall be completed soon. Further tendering process for other major packages is also underway and it is expected that majority of the tenders shall be awarded before end of this Financial Year.