Factual Report of passenger getting injured at CCI
Airport Lucknow on 11th November, 2017

Thesynergyonline Aerospace Bureau

NEW DELHI, NOVEMB 13 : Airports Authority of India (AAI) would like to put on record the factual report regarding the incident leading to a passenger getting injured at CCSI Airport, Lucknow on November 11, 2017.

A women passenger travelling by IndiGo'sMumbai-Lucknow Flight No. 6E-446 got injured at CCSI Airport in Lucknow. The IndiGo loader ferrying the passenger in wheelchair, went in the wrong direction by taking a short cut ignoring the defined path.

As per the airport's CCTV footage, six wheelchairs were required and used for the above mentioned flight.

While, twoloaders took the defined and proper path towards the arrival hall, four loaders took a short cut to the arrival hall of the terminal building.

As per Indigo's loaderinvolved in this incident, the passenger (on wheelchair) was carrying four knob walking stick. The passenger placed her walking stick on the road while the loader was still pushing the wheelchair. This resulted in the unfortunate incident of the passenger falling from the wheelchair.

The Terminal Duty Manager from AAI promptly attended to the passenger along with the Doctor on duty and ensured her well being. AAI would like to put on record that the reasons given by IndiGoof the wheelchair getting stuck into the crack on the road and claims of dim light are not correct as there is no crack on the tarmac and the area (Baggage Makeup Area, near the airside conveyor belt) has sufficient illumination.