AAI launches SkyFit

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Global launch of SkyFit by Mr Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation along with Mr Conrad Clifford, Regional Vice President, IATA, Mr Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon Mr Jeffrey Goh, CEO, Star Alliance,Dr GuruprasadMohapatra, Chairman AAI, Mr V K Mathews, Executive Chairman, The IBS Group Mr David Walton, COO, BOC Aviation. Mr Leslie Thng, CEO, Vistara

NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 10 : The unprecedented aviation growth in the past few years, has posed various challenges for the aviation industry globally. One of the biggest challenge is the occupational stress for the personal working in the high demand environment. Stress in the aviation industry is a common phenomenon composed of three sources, which are physiological stressors, psychological stressors, and environmental stressors.

Changes in work shifts and trans-meridian flight result in a synchrony between aviation personnel's circadianrhythms. This lack of synchrony results in shift-lag syndrome (due to changes in work schedule) and jet-lag syndrome (due to trans-meridian flights) severely affects the body clock specifically Airline Pilots, Cabin Crew, Air Traffic Controllers and Air Passengers.

In a significant effort to address this issue Airports Authority of India (AAI) in co-ordination with Dr. Ashok Bhatt, Medical Consultant from AGP Breathworks customized unique modern scientific techniques infused with ancient yogic breathing practices called SkyFit which would help in managing stress of Airline Pilots, Cabin Crew, Air Traffic Controllers and Air Passengers. This will help them to have a holistic approach towards Quality Health & Well-being.

The SKYFIT was globally launched by Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mr Jayant Sinha at the International Aviation Summit 2018 on September 04 , 2018.