Specialized Maintenance Unit
for incountry repair and maintenance of radars
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NEW DELHI, JUNE 25 : Dr GuruprasadMohapatra,Chairman, Airports Authority of India, (AAI) inaugurated the Specialized Maintenance Unit (SMU) for incountry repairing of ELDIS Radars in presence of Ambassador of Czech Republic, Mr Milan Hovorka on 24th June, 2019.

The facility will help in reducing Turnaround Time(TAT) of repair of unserviceable modules of the radars, thereby reducing the down time of the important surveillance facility of Indian air space. More than 80 per cent of Indian air space is under the coverage of radars.

The SMU has been provided with a customized repair facility from M/s ELDIS along with required manpower training, documentations and hardware/software tools at a total cost of around Rs. 30 crore.

AAI and ELDIS together are looking forward to make this unit as the repair and maintenance center of ELDIS make Radars in the Asia Pacific region.