Prayer as steering wheel
Prayer when the world is in peril
Prayer as steering wheel

of adversity

"My heart has been
purified "
― Jean Jacques Rousseau

Prayer as steering wheel

"The terrible price of living, ain't it? To live through others dying?"

". . . calamity comes for every one of us, and assumes the shape that will be sure to hurt us most." "

Dexter PalmerMary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen

Prayer as steering wheel
And I understood that I ought not ask for a prayer language until I could ask without making it the test of my entire faith."

We learn lessons from storms

- ― John H. Groberg, The Other Side of Heavenby
The world is in peril and security is out of the window. If now we don't be humans, what's the point of us! Humankind is in turmoil and anxiety is running amok. If now we don't be responsible what's the point of us! Neighborhoods are wailing in fear and desperation. If now we don't lend a hand what's the point of us! Communities are struggling in crippling uncertainty. If now we don't break narrowness what's the point of us! Nations are panting to sustain health and sanity. If now we don't rush to rescue what's the point of us! Nature is revolting to reclaim her kingdom. If now we don't make peace with her what's the point of us! Now is not the time for theorizing and criticizing. Forgetting argumentation we must stand as one people unbending. ― Abhijit Naskar, Mad About Humans: World Maker's Almanac .

Difficulties come not to obstruct, but to instruct." ― Brian Tracy

Now, I'm all for basic precautions. What I'm not for is fear and paranoia." ― Alana Terry, Infected

So it is more useful to watch a man in times of peril, and in adversity to discern what kind of man he is; for then at last words of truth are drawn from the depths of his heart, and the mask is torn off, reality remains. ― Lucretiu "One has only to set a loved human being against the fact that we are all in peril all the time to get back a sense of proportion. What does anything matter compared to the reality of love and its span, so brief at best, maintained against such odds?" ― May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude

"He is wretched indeed, who goes up and down in the world, without a God to take care of him, to be his guide and protector, and to bless him in his affairs [. . .] That unconverted men are without God shows that they are liable to all manner of evil [. . .] liable to the power of the devil, to the power of all manner of temptation [. . .] to be deceived and seduced into erroneous opinions [. . .] to embrace damnable doctrines [. . .] to be given up of God to judicial hardness of heart [. . .] to commit all manner of sin, and even the unpardonable sin itself. They cannot be sure they shall not commit that sin. They are liable to build up a false hope of heaven, and so to go hoping to hell [. . .] to die senseless and stupid, as many have died [. . .] to die in such a case as Saul and Judas did, fearless of hell. They have no security from it. They are liable to all manner of mischief, since they are without God. They cannot tell what shall befall them, nor when they are secure from anything. They are not safe one moment. Ten thousand fatal mischiefs may befall them, that may make them miserable forever. They, who have God for their God, are safe from all such evils. It is not possible that they should befall them. God is their covenant God, and they have his faithful promise to be their refuge." ― Jonathan Edwards, The Works of Jonathan Edwards.

"It was a voice that you felt you had to listen to—or you ignored at your peril." ― Alexander McCall Smith, The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine

It's the most essential thing of all just because it's not a matter of how you do it at all, but of whether you do it. Like being born, or cooking: how you do it is less important than whether you do it. You can find thousands of books on prayer that give you methods of praying, hundreds of "hows"; but they do you no good at all unless you actually pray. Otherwise it's like reading a cookbook instead of cooking. You can't eat a cookbook! ― Peter Kreeft, Prayer: The Great Conversation: Straight Answers to Tough Questions about Prayer

Moments of prayer intruded on by sloth cannot be made up. We may get experience, but we cannot get back the rich freshness and strength which were wrapped up in those moments." ― Frederick W. Robertson "I'm praying about it. He knows what I want." ― Regina Jennings, Caught in the Middle

"Even Damocles developed a routine." ― Johnny Rich, The Human Script

It means little to anybody but us. We set store by kinfolk. We've our troubles from time to time, but when one of us is in danger, there'll be help from any who are around." ― Louis L'Amour