Assocham Secy General

Q3 GDP growth paints pretty good picture for Indian economy : ASSOCHAM Secretary General

Thesynergyonline Economics Bureau

NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 28 : The third quarter GDP growth helped by manufacturing, construction and agriculture , paint a pretty good macro picture for the Indian economy.

The 7.2 per cent growth in GDP for Q3 also highlights an improvement in investment , manufacturing, construction , giving a hope for an good pace of the economic growth in the next fiscal, as the stage is now set in the FY 2017-18.

However, he Gross Value Addition, which is net of taxes, is not as good as GDP, underscoring the fact much more needs to be done in terms of sustainable growth.

It must also be ensured that the gains in agricultural output should translate into better realisations for the farmers or else it could be a paradox of sorts where the farmers are growing more for less than fair realisations. At the micro level, there are several sectors, including exports, which need a further pick-up