We dig holes for ourselves, of comfortable living, and it's hard to see just how deep down you are until you suddenly want to take a look at the world up there, some fresh air and realise you can't get up. You're too far down.

Short films on Hawa Badlo Movement awarded

Receive Silver from SAMMIE Awards 2018

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GAIL (India) supports a movement against Air Pollution - ' Hawa Badlo'. The movement firmly believed in spreading positive messages at a mass level so as to inspire a change in Indian masses . The objective is to amplify the outreach of the initiative so as to bring a positive shift towards a cleaner, greener breathing air quality.

Hawa Badlo movement has been actively working towards educating the masses with alerting statistics against air pollution through short films on advocacy against Air Pollution, problems of Air Pollution & solutions for curbing it

The short films have reached 60 million Indians digitally and have been shortlisted for many awards.

Hawa Badlo short films received an Silver from SAMMIE Awards 2018, for their HawaBadlo Campaign, in the category of 'Best Use of Video Content'

The three HawaBadlo campaigns of GAIL that were judged on the various parameters are

1. Hawa badlo Anthem – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=957AOpal2u0
2. Grey Day at School - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xIcAdHgEmk
3. KadviHawaBadlo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQN83GpGnDw

The movement also creates awareness about the consequences of environmental contamination caused by human activity. It motivates the masses to inculcate friendly habits such as switching to CNG/electric vehicles, carpooling, and use of public transport. As individuals, there are multiple things one can do to save our planet, our environment and, indeed ourselves.

Hawa Badlo movement is also a step towards building a sustainable environment for the country and creating a meaningful difference. Hawa Badlo connects with the citizens and protects human health and country from the effects of Air pollution. GAIL India Ltd plans to support Hawa Badlo movement and empower the idea till it becomes a national movement.