Colombia: 'Capital of Salsa' looks to tourism to create jobs

To use some of its peace dividend to boost its tourism sector

Cali is looking to boost its tourism potential to create badly needed jobs and economic development.

Natural and cultural attractions can be pillars for the development of Cali as a touristic destination.

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Thesynergyonline Tourism Bureau
Colombia plans to use some of its peace dividend to boost its tourism sector that had struggled during decades of conflict. An ILO study looks at how the city of Cali can promote tourism, and, as a result, generate jobs.


"The journey is the destination." ― Dan Eldon)

"Tourism is a dynamic sector ... which generates jobs for the most vulnerable sectors of society, such as young people and women." ohn Bliek, ILO expert

"Wherever we travel to, the wonderful people we meet become our family."

The ILO study also highlighted the importance of concerted action by the various players to promote Cali as a tourism destination, including joint activities, and the inclusion of local communities

For "For his part, private tour operator Mauricio Novoa believes Cali should flaunt its assets"