DefExpo 2020
DefExpo 2020

AjnaLens launches "AjnaBolt"

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NEW DELHI, India, FEBRUARY 20 : AjnaLens by Dimension NXG launched a breakthrough mixed-reality wearable 'AjnaBolt', a military-grade AI-powered glasses at the ongoing DefExpo 2020 at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Usage of augmented reality in Defence

With the expanding possibilities of data and graphics processing, the number of uses of augmented reality in the Defence is growing exponentially. Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with Mixed Reality (MR) is becoming crucial for modern warfare. Defence systems equipped with AI and MR improve human decision-making capability and human-to-machine interaction immensely.


The Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at DefExpo 2020


Mixed -reality glasses designed,made in India

Keeping in mind, the need of the Defence sector, a Mumbai based start-up 'Dimension NXG' under the brand name 'AjnaLens' has launched 'AjnaBolt'- India's first AI-powered Mixed Reality glasses for Defence. The mixed-reality glasses are designed and manufactured in India. AjnaBolt provides advanced lethality to increase survivability and thereby exponentially increasing a defence mission's success capability. AjnaBolt can be used to upgrade fair-weather weapons to all-weather weapons, enhanced navigation and sight, advance training and simulation, etc. Its modular design helps the user to mount it on headgear or use it as standalone glasses. With many compatible software solutions, AjnaBolt can be used for various objectives not only in the field of defence but Homeland security as well.

DefExpo 2020

we found a way to compile all the security related information and present it in the most intuitive way in order to understand and make better decisions via our offering AjnaBolt. It works on the premise of combining AI with Mixed Reality technology for helping to expand our understanding of any situation, thus decreasing response time while increasing the effectiveness of any defence mission. It takes mission planning, coordination, and execution to the next level.. I am sure it will not only strengthen our armed forces and make every mission more successful but will also make our nation an exporter in defence technologies."
-Pankaj Raut – Co-Founder & CEO of AjnaLens

Along with the AjnaBolt, AjnaLens has supported their offering by launching applications like AjnaHolotable App, etc. These applications would enhance the user experience by enabling users to visualize the battlefield in 3D before and during the war for planning and monitoring respectively. This saves an ample amount of time as digital maps are easily loaded.

Among AjnaLens' other offerings, Ajna Enhanced Situational Awareness System (AjnaESAS), was developed under IDEX a program by the ministry of defence. AjnaESAS enables the crew to have a 360° field of view from inside the tank (or any land/naval system). It comprises a camera system and an Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display (AR-HMD).

Not only the end-users that are Defence forces but AjnaBolt would also support the Defence manufacturing units through their breakthrough application in the line of Assembly, Repair, and Maintenance.

When asked about the possible market response for AjnaBolt, Mr. Rishi Desai - Senior Marketing Strategist of AjnaLens said, "AjnaBolt will not only help Armed Forces but also provide an edge to defence contractors. It helps manufacturers in upgrading their product offerings and reducing costs in training, assembly, maintenance, and repair. We are already in talks with some of them and are thrilled by the response from the market."