GAIL CMD flags off
'Hawa Badle Hum'campaign for creating awareness
against air pollution

Thesynergyonline Corporate Bureau

'Hawa Badle Hum' campaign was launched today by Mr B. C. Tripathi, CMD, GAIL (India).
from Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi. A squad of specially- designed auto rickshaws fitted
with live pollution meters will ply on the roads of
Delhi NCR under this initiative.

The autos, with planters and inspiring messaging will urge the passengers to take a pledge and participate in a digital contest by submitting their ideas on combating air pollution. People can play their part by taking a pledge through the website

Mr B. C. Tripathi, CMD, GAIL (India) launching 'Hawa Badle Hum' campaign
from Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi.

This unique initiative under 'Hawa Badlo' movement is a campaign that complements the recently launched web series "Hawa Badle Hassu".

The series is heavily hinged on entertainment conveying the messages that stands for a crusade against air pollution and environment conservation. Hawa Badle Hassu is now available for public viewing on SonyLiv platforms.

GAIL (India) Limited has been spreading awareness by inducing behavioral changes to ensure a greener and cleaner tomorrow through its movement Hawa Badlo. This movement has been actively working towards educating the Indian masses against air pollution through events, short films, contests, raahgiri's, pledges etc on advocacy against air pollution, problems caused due to air pollution & solutions for curbing it.

For the last three years Hawa Badlo movement has been able to mobilize collective societal efforts for improving the deteriorating air quality in India. GAIL (India) has been extending full support to Hawa Badlo and this movement has been successful in reaching out to more than 6 Crore Indians. Videos and short films made under this initiative have been appreciated by other countries as well. HawaBadlo encourages sustainable and environment friendly lifestyle habits such as planting trees, cycling & walking, carpooling, using public transport, conserving energy and using cleaner energy sources like Natural Gas for industries, CNG for automobiles and PNG for commercial uses.

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