GAIL online initiative #GreenDriveWithNaturalGas

FORBetter Environment

In line with Govt's vision of natural-gas-based economy

GAIL online initiative #GreenDriveWithNaturalGas
GAIL initiative

" Natural gas is hemispheric; I like to call it hemispheric in nature, because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods. " - George W Bush

GAIL online initiative #GreenDriveWithNaturalGas

GAIL (India)online initiative

The GAIL (India)initiative, #GreenDriveWithNaturalGas,is in sync with the Government of India's vision of a Natural Gas based economy, which supports better environment, better lifestyles & convenient mobility

-- GAIL (India) statement
GAIL online initiative


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NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 27 : GAIL (India) has been striving to play a significant role in providing "Clean energy & Beyond" for better environment and sustainable living considering "Environmental Responsibility" is one of the core elements of its vision statement.

Towards this, end GAIL (India) has taken up the onlineinitiative called#GreenDriveWithNaturalGas to create awareness among the Indian masses about greener mobility through the use of Natural Gas as cleaner fuel option along with other cleaner mobility solutions .

The initiative encourages citizens to take greener initiatives for a better environment. An on-ground activation for pledge takingunder this initiative wasalso executedat AutoExpo 2020 where GAIL had participated for promoting natural gas as a greener mobility fuel option.

Thousands of people have participated in the online pledge initiative since AutoExpo2020

The initiative, #GreenDriveWithNaturalGas, is in line with the Government of India's vision of a natural gas- based economy, which supports better environment, better lifestyles & convenient mobility. To realize this vision, the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas has been working towards increasing the share of Natural Gas from around 6 per cent to 15 per cent in the nation's energy basket. GAIL is committed in developing Natural Gas infrastructure in the country in the form of laying Natural Gas pipelines and City Gas distribution networks in more number of cities which would be a back bone for a greener mobility with Natural Gas among other benefits to people at large.

The initiative beckons and requests netizens to take responsibility and switch to greener mobility & help reduce air pollution by taking online pledges like 1. pledgeto drive green with natural gas, 2. Pledge to car pool, 3. Pledge to use public transport, 4. Pledge to walk small distances & 5. Pledge to keep the air cleaner.