Ease of filming

Heartland International Film Festival, USA
to explore "Special Focus on India"

Ms Hannah Fisher, Programming Head of Heartland International Film Festival of USA, suggested that there could be a special focus on India for the Festival commencing from 10th October 2019
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"In the end, everything is found to be wanting." ― Frank Lentricchia, The Sadness of Antonioni

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"There is something particularly fascinating about seeing places , you know in a piece of art - be that in a film, or a photograph, or a painting." ― Sara Sheridan

Heartland International Film Festival

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The Indian delegation met prominent representatives from the International Film Fraternity on the third day of Toronto International Film Festival 2019. The discussions were wide ranging which included participation at the Golden Jubilee Edition of IFFI, possibility of taking forward the Government thrust of "Ease of filming in India", recent initiatives to promote film facilitation in the form of single window clearance and the growth potential of different verticals under the M&E Sector of India.

Heartland International Film Festival
"Making judgments on films is in many ways so peculiarly vaporous an occupation that the only question is why, beyond the obvious opportunities for a few lectures fees and a little careerism at a dispiritingly self-limiting level, anyone does it in the first place." ― Joan Didion, The White Album

In the discussions, Ms Hannah Fisher, Programming Head of Heartland International Film Festival of USA, suggested that there could be a special focus on India for the Festival commencing from 10th October 2019 under the 'Foreign Language Category. Ms Fisher said that this would help in enhancing the positioning of Golden Jubilee Edition of IFFI 2019 among the participants and international audience at the Festival.

The Indian Delegation met CEO / Co-founder of Newport Beach Film Festival - Mr Gregg Schwenk. The meeting discussed the possibility of enhancing presence of Indian film across North America continent along with exploring business opportunities & collaboration ventures to ensure growth of M&E sector.

The discussion with senior representatives from the Global-gate Entertainment – Mr William Pfeiffer & Ms Meg Thompson - focused on the policy framework of films under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India – especially in the context of ease of filming in India. While appreciating the Government of India's initiatives on ease of shooting, Mr Pfeiffer suggested if the process of incentivisation could be fast-tracked, it would provide value to the structure & framework, which would help boost film-making in India.

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They also agreed to sensitize participants about IFFI 2019 and suggested to provide names of eminent directors, film-makers, producers and actors who can be invited to IFFI this year.

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"When less than everything has been said about a subject, you can still think on further. The alternative is for the audience to be presented with a final deduction (...) no effort on their part. What can it mean to them when they have not shared with the author the misery and joy of bringing an image into being?" ― Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time.