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"We move much too fast, and too frequently, to pause to savor landscapes or avoid disfiguring clutter." - Edwin M Yoder Jr

"It occurred to me that no matter where I lived, geography could not save me."

It was Stevenson, I think, who most notably that there are some places that simply demand a story should be told of them. ... After all, perhaps Stevenson had only half of the matter. It is true there are places which stir the mind to think that a story must be told about them. But there are also, I believe, places which have their story stored already, and want to tell this to us, through whatever powers they can; through our legends and lore, through our rumors, and our rites. By its whispering fields and its murmuring waters, by the wailing of its winds and the groaning of its stones, by what it chants in darkness and the songs it sings in light, each place must reach out to us, to tell us, tell us what it holds. ("The Axholme Toll")" - Mark Valentine, Best New Horror 21

The age old punch line "Location, Location, Location" still rules and remains the most important factor for profitability in real estate investment. The proximity to amenities, peaceful conforming areas, neighborhood status, scenic views, etc are major factors for residential property valuations; while proximity to markets, warehouses, transport hubs, freeways, tax-exempt areas, etc play an important role for commercial property valuations.

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