MRPL Ambedkar Jayanti

Along the trail of the past

History with its flickering lamp stumbles

trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and rekindle with pale gleams the memory of former days creating a feeling among us as if we were in direct conversation with the great men of past centures

MRPL celebrates Ambedkar Jayanti Caste is another name for control

"the outcaste is a bye-product of the caste system"

"While I am prepared to bear with the imperfections and shortcomings of the society in which I may be destined to labour, I feel I should not consent to live in a society which cherishes wrong ideals, or a society which, having right ideals, will not consent to bring its social life into conformity with those ideals." ― B.R. Ambedkar, Annihilation of Caste

MRPL tribute to B R Ambedkar MRPL celebrates Ambedkar Jayanti

Just follow the basic rules and things will fall in line

Dr Ambedkar is responsible to get the Poona Pact signed

MRPL celebrates AmbedkarJayanti

April 14 , 2019

Mr M Venkatesh, Managing Director, Senior Management Personnel and MSSEWA office bearers
paying floral tributes to Babasaheb Ambedkar in the Administration building

Lost rights are never regained by appeals to the conscience of the usurpers, but by relentless struggle.... Goats are used for sacrificial offerings and not lions.

― Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, Writings And Speeches: A Ready Reference Manual

Pays tribute

Thesynergyonline Corporate Bureau

MANGALURU, APRIL 15 : Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL) celebrated 128th birth anniversary of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar on April 14 , 2019. On the occasion Mr M Venkatesh, Managing Director, Senior Management Personnel and MSSEWA office bearers paid floral tributes to BabasahebAmbedkar in the Administration building in the morning.

In every country the intellectual class is the most influential class. This is the class which can foresee advice and lead. In no country does the mass of the people live the life for intelligent thought and action. It is largely imitative and follows the intellectual class. There is no exaggeration in saying that the entire destination of the country depends upon its intellectual class. If the intellectual class is honest and independent, it can be trusted to take the initiative and give a proper lead when a crisis arises. It is true that the intellect by itself is no virtue. It is only a means and the use of a means depends upon the ends which an intellectual person pursues. An intellectual man can be a good man but he may easily be a rogue. Similarly an intellectual class may be a band of high-souled persons, ready to help, ready to emancipate erring humanity or it may easily be a gang of crooks or a body of advocates of narrow clique from which it draws its support.

― B.R. Ambedkar

The celebration
Later in the evening AmbedkarJayanti was celebrated at MRPL Employees Recreation Centre. Mr M Venkatesh, Managing Director, Mr B H V Prasad, GGM(HR), Senior officers of MRPL, Office bearers of MRPL SC/ST Employees Welfare Association, employees and their family members were present on the occasion.

Mr B H Anil Kumar, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka, Dept. of Higher Education was the chief guest. Mr BH Anil Kumar spoke on the occasion and recalled the challenges MRPL faced during his tenure as DC in 1996-98.

"The hard work and decisions taken at that time helped the company grow and also to have such a development in this area, he opined. When we speak about Dr Ambedkar's life story, the discrimination faced by him are still prevalent in the rural areas of our country, "- according to the company's statement issued today.

Dr Ambedkar is responsible to get the Poona Pact signed and as a result of which reserved constituencies for SC/STs came into existence which are there even today, he observed. The Constitution of India is first social document which has such a large number of liberties for everyone and every institution including liberties for women, he said. Educate, organise and agitate was his mantra for eradication of social evils, he said and appealed everyone to ensure their children educated.

Mr M Venkatesh, Managing Director spoke on the occasion and said just follow the basic rules and things will fall in line. He recalled the difficulties faced by Dr Ambedkar and said that it is his special talent that got recognition from the Maharaja of Baroda, who granted the scholarship to study in Columbia University,as a visionary step. The four Doctorate degrees of Dr Ambedkar speak volumes of his talent and knowledge he had at that time.

As the first Law &Justice Minister of Independent India he rigorously supported women's rights. Managing Director recalled many of his quotes and concluded by saying 'We are Indians firstly and lastly', the famous quote of Dr Ambedkar. Later cultural programs were held on the occasion.DPS School students performed a skit and a dance. A dance troupe performed a skit on Dr Ambedkar.

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