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To reach new heights is dependent on new generation : PM

Pariksha Pe Charcha

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NEW DELHI, JANUARY 20 : The Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, today, interacted with students as part of Pariksha Pe Charcha 3.0 at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi.

At the outset the Prime Minister wished all the students for a prosperous new year and a new decade. Explaining the importance of the decade, the hopes and aspirations of the current decade rest on those kids who are in their final years of schooling in the country.

He said, "In whatever the country does in this decade, those kids who are in 10th, 11th and 12th standards now have a very great role to play. To make the country reach new heights, to achieve new hopes, all this is dependent on this new generation".

Before beginning the interaction, the Prime Minister said notwithstanding that he attends various events and programmes, the one event which is dear to his heart is the Pariksha Pe Charcha.

"As Prime Minister one gets to attend numerous types of programmes. You get to learn a lot in such interactions. Each of them provides a new set of experiences. But, if someone asks me about the one programme that touches my heart the most, I would say it is this Pariksha Pe Charcha. I also love attending Hackathons. They showcase the power and talent of India's youth", he said.

Dealing with demotivation and mood swings:

To a question from a student and losing interest while studying, the Prime Minister said most often students get demotivated due to factors that are external to them and also as they try to attach too much significance to their own expectations.

Prime Minister asked the students to find out the reason for the demotivation and ponder over how to deal with it. He gave the example of the recent issue of Chandrayaan and his visit to ISRO.

"Motivation, demotivation are very common. Everyone goes through these feelings. In this regard, I can never forget my visit to ISRO during Chandrayaan and the time spent with our hardworking scientists.

He said, "We should not look at failures as setbacks or stumbling blocks. We can add enthusiasm to every aspect of life. A temporary setback doesn't mean that we cannot succeed in life. In fact a setback may mean that the best is yet to come. We should try to convert our distressed situations as stepping stones for a bright future"

The Prime Minister also gave examples of how cricketers Rahul Dravid and V V S Laxman batted in difficult situations during India – Australia match in 2001 to clinch victory for India from the jaws of defeat.

He also talked about how India bowler Anil Kumble bowled to India's glory notwithstanding his injury.

"This is the power of positive motivation", he said.

Balancing Extra- Curricular Activities and Studies:

To a question on how to balance studies and extracurricular activities, the Prime Minister said the importance of co-curricular activities in a student's life cannot be understated.

He said, "Not pursuing extra-curricular activities can make a student like a robot".

But he also said that that balancing studies and extracurricular activities would require a better and optimal time management by the students.

"Today there are plenty of opportunities and I hope youngsters make use of them and pursue a hobby or an activity of their interest with proper zeal", he said.

However he also cautioned the parents not to make the extra-curricular interests of their children a fashion statement or a calling card.

"What is not good is when the passion of the children become fashion statements for parents. Extra-curricular activities needn't be glamour driven. Let each child pursue what he or she likes", he said.

Whether scores are all that matter:

On a question on how to score marks in examinations and whether they are the determining factor, the Prime Minister said, "Our education system determines our success based on our performance in various exams. Even though we focus our attention on scoring good marks and our parents too, exhort us towards it. " Saying that there are several opportunities today, he asked the students to come out of the feeling that success or failure at exams determines everything. "Marks are not life. Similarly examination is not the determining factor for our whole life. It is a stepping stone, an important stepping stone in life. I pray to parents don't tell them that this is everything. If it does not happen, don't behave as if you lost everything. You can go to any field. There are umpteen opportunities", he said. "