"User confidence is crucial for digital economy. Customer as a product and unsafe privacy are not sustainable business models. Digital is sophisticated enough to combine Security, Convenience and Personal Privacy." ― Stephane Nappo

PNB honoured for cybersecurity

T.D. Virwani, CISO PNB was felicitated with the
title of "Champion CISO

"Cyber-confidence is crucial for finance. Consistency between security and threat is a key factor in Reputation and Customer Trust."
― Stephane Nappo

Dynamic CISO summit

recognizes talent

Theynergyonlinne Banking Bureau

NEW DELHI, MARCH 16 : Punjab National Bank (PNB) was awarded for its endeavors towards Cybersecurity at Dynamic CISO Excellence Awards.

The Cybersecurity division of PNB is led by Mr. T.D. Virwani, CISO PNB (Chief Information Security Officer) and he was felicitated with title of "Champion CISO" at the 6th edition annual dynamic CISO summit.

The annual dynamic CISO summit recognizes talented individuals working towards cybersecurity where the CISOs/InfoSec leaders from across the country come together to discuss the latest cybersecurity scenarios and the future of cybersecurity in India.

PNB is constantly working towards ensuring speedy, safe and secure banking to its over 100 million consumer.

The award further strengthens the belief that PNB is working in the right direction and is one of the most reliable banks in the country.

This is yet another award in the series of prestigious awards received by PNB in the year 2019 which include IBA Banking technology award and awards on government's EASE Index.

The bank has also signed a memorandum of understandig (MoU) with NHFDC to provide financial assistance for economic development of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) for their economic benefits and employment.

The bank is constantly working on introducing cybersecurity innovation in the banking ecosystem. The summit also showcased demos of innovations in InfoSec space, and is recognized as one of the great platforms for creating a better and more secure business.

The bank is constantly working on introducing cybersecurity innovation in the banking ecosystem."

Stéphane Nappo :

"BYOD must evolve from 'Bring Your Own Devil' to 'Bring Your Own Defense' associated to security probation and monitoring."


"An accurate vision of digital and behavioral gaps is crucial for a consistent cyber-resilience." ― Stephane Nappo

"One of the main cyber-risks is to think they don't exist. The other is to try to treat all potential risks. (Fix the basics, protect first what matters for your business and be ready to react properly to pertinent threats. Think data, but also business services integrity, awareness, customer experience, compliance, and reputation)." ― Stephane Nappo

"The guardians of your company's cyber security should be encouraged to network within the industry to swap information on the latest hacker tricks and most effective defenses" ― Nina Easton

"Ransomware is more about manipulating vulnerabilities in human psychology than the adversary's technological sophistication" ― James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

"There's no silver bullet solution with cyber security, a layered defense is the only viable defense" ― James Scott