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PowerGrid impromptu comes to the fore
When pain and anguish of vehicular travel wring the brow , ease comes to play

To ease the pain of road travel , erase the anger with the new facility at doorstep

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NEW DELHI, MAY 08 : The Government of India is taking slew of initiatives to promote mass adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) to achieve sustainability and energy security.It will also combat air pollution and climate change. EVs emit no polluting gases and the running cost is also considerably low as compared to with vehicles run on fossil fuels. Several studies have revealed that people shall adapt to using Electric Vehicles only when charging infrastructures are in place as the major obstacle to mass adoption of EV is range anxiety.

Given this, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PowerGrid), a government of India enterprise, involves in developing EVs charging infrastructures across India to facilitate e-mobility in Indian roads covering 2-wheelers,rickshaws/autos, taxis, cars, buses etc.
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Paving way to high renewable energy penetration

Additionally, as India is aiming at high renewable energy penetration, channelizing this energy to EV, the net CO2 generation can be brought down to almost zero.

With Vehicle to Grid (V2G) concept, EVs can also help in stabilization of grid. With adoption on EVs, the per capita consumption of electricity in the country is also expected to increase considerably in future.

The Central Transmission Utility (CTU) has already signed an agreement with L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) ltd. in developing EVs Charging infrastructure at its Metro Stations. This will help the metro commuters in availing electric vehicles as first and last mile connectivity. Electric taxi operators have also shown interest in deploying e-Taxis to facilitate the vehicular travellers.