Human values Teachings be also form a part of medical education: Vice President

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The Vice President of India, Mr M. Venkaiah Naidu ,
has called for medical universities to introduce
teachings in human values as a part of the curriculum to
inculcate moral, social and ethical values in students.
He was delivering the 3rd Convocation Address of
Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology,
in Jaipur, Rajasthan today.

Mr Naidu appreciated the rather young University for having blossomed
into an important center for providing quality medical education and
healthcare in a short span of time. He complimented Dr. M.L. Swarankar
and his team for their commitment and dedication towards making the
institution one of the foremost centers of excellence in terms of
quality teaching, training, research, innovation and affordable
patient care in India.

Stating that education laid the foundation for the progress of a nation,
the Vice President said that the right kind of education would inculcate
citizenship values, liberate people from ignorance, empower them
with knowledge, information, skills and equip them to take up new
roles and responsibilities to shape not only their own destinies
but also the destiny of the nation.

The Vice President opined that educational institutions for higher learning
have to develop a system to impart relevant and right type of education
integrated with skills. 'India's educational ethos needs major reforms in
the context of changes that are sweeping the country and the world' he added.

Urging universities to deliver a more comprehensive medical education,
which develops the total personality of the young medical graduates,
Mr Naidu called for the inclusion of subjects like medical ethics, human
behavior sciences, philosophy, culture, heritage, meditation and
Yoga in the curriculum.

Imploring the students to 'Never give up', the Vice President said
that neither success nor failure is permanent. 'Believe that perseverance,
hard work and unshakable determination - shall always triumph', he emphasized.

Mr Naidu highlighted India's achievements in providing basic and advanced
health care since Independence and raised caution against the
twin burdens of communicable and non-communicable diseases that
India is bearing today.

Speaking of lopsided infrastructure development in the health sector.,
the Vice President called for the provision state-of-the-art healthcare
facilities in the rural and remote areas on par with the modern
hospitals in urban areas.

Mr Naidu urged the private sector needs to supplement the efforts of
the government, especially in bridging the urban-rural divide.
He also suggested to make it mandatory for MBBS graduates to serve
in rural areas before granting the first promotion to them in a
bid to overcome shortage of doctors in rural areas.

Observing that in India Doctors are considered next to God,
the Vice President said that it was the cardinal responsibility
of all those entering the medical profession to uphold the trust
and confidence of the patients who seek treatment from them.

The Vice President reminded the students that they were members
of a noble profession and asked them to always remain committed to
upholding the Hippocratic Oath. 'Maintain the highest standards of
ethics and integrity at every stage', he told the graduating students.

Speaking of the affordability of medical care, Shri Naidu said that
medical costs were mostly met out-of-pocket by the people in India.
He expressed deep concern over the debt trap into which impoverished
patients got into due to medical treatments. He expressed happiness
upon the launch of Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection scheme
to provide universal health care to 500 million poor and vulnerable people.