As ANSP and Airport Operator, it has always been AAI's endeavor to achieve high standard of safety in its operation. AAI's Directorate of Aviation Safety undertakes sincere efforts in aligning the functions of AAI regarding safety compliance in line with aviation regulator and ICAO. Aviation safety is thus a highest priority in all operational activity and processes of AAI.

The safety awareness inaugural event

Mr Aurobindo Handa, Director General, Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau Sanjeev Kumar-CHAIRMAN, AAI at the inauguration meeting of Aviation Safety Awareness Week 2021 (29th November to 3rd December 2021).

To raise awareness on Aviation Safety, AAI will undertake various employee engagement programs at each airport and ANS station like reviewing of documents and facilities, Mock exercises, preventive maintenance etc. Banners and posters will be displayed across AAI offices and operational centers will educate both external and internal stakeholders on the significance of the Safety Awareness Week.