PNB observes

International Day of Persons with Disability​‌

PNB observes International Day of Persons with Disability Tufte CSS

Upgraded manual unveiled

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Punjab National Bank (PNB), India's leading public sector bank, observed "International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD)" in a unique way by introducing an upgraded version of the Retail Internet Banking Manual for customers who are visually impaired. This makes PNB's digital productsmore inclusive and aims at building accessible customer service solutions viascreen reading software.This development adds to the portfolio of PNB's other accessible tools including the android-based application custom-made for differently-abled PNB employees, PNB Pride Module which was introduced in 2021 on the observance of this day

The upgraded manual both in print and Braille was unveiled on December 3 2022 at a special event organized at the head office in the esteemed presence of Mr George Abraham, CEO Score Foundation,distinguished social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and prominent disability activist. .

Also present at the event were EDs,CGMs, AGMs, and the members of PNB Parivar.Further,differently-abled staff members at different zones and circles attended the function virtually. The bank also felicitated the extraordinaryachievements of differently abled employees from various departments during the observance of the day.

On the day, Mr Vijay Dube, Executive Director of PNB, said, "Barriers faced by persons with disabilities are a detriment to the society, and accessibility is necessary to achieve progress and development for all. PNB has introduced various initiatives towards the inclusion and empowerment of differently abled employees and customers. With this, the bank builds towards a conducive society for the common growth for all."

Further, on this occasion, PNB marked the day by donating generously to the National Association for The Blind, which has transformed the lives of over 80,000 persons with visual impairment. This donation aimed at keeping the winters warm and comfortable for visually impaired school-going children with the organization.

PNB observes International Day of Persons with Disability

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PNB observes International Day of Persons with Disability
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