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PowerGrid lays foundation stone for Vishram Sadan in Odisha Tufte CSS

PowerGrid lays foundation stone for Vishram Sadan in Odisha

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PowerGrid has already established three Vishram Sadans at AIIMS Delhi, IGIMS Patna & KGMU Lucknow and six Vishram Sadans are in various stages of construction.

Power Grid Corporation of India (PowerGrid), a Maharatna Public Sector Un dertaking under Ministry of Power laid the foundation stone for Vishram Sadan at Mahara- ja Krishna Chandra Gajapati (MKCG) Medical College & Hospital, Berhampur, Odisha on November,29, 2021. .

Mr K. Sreekant, CMD, PowerGrid and Prof. (Dr.) Abani Kanta Mishra, Principal & Dean, MKGC laid the foundation stone for the Vishram Sadan being built under CSR initiative of PowerGrid 0at a cost of Rs. 15 crore in the presence of Shri Alok, ED, Odisha Projects. MKCG, Berhampur caters to medical needs of about 5000 patients on daily basis coming from eight districts in Odisha, and nearby areas.


PowerGrid lays foundation stone for Vishram Sadan in Odisha

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