SCOPE holds

webinar on


HR strategies

SCOPE holds webinar on Strengthening HR strategies

Need for dynamic HR function

to transform workplaces

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NEW DELHI, JANUARY 28 : The growing complexities of business has magnified the need for a dynamic and resilient HR function in order to transform workplaces. Deliberating on this, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised a Symposium on 'Strengthening HR strategies in Emerging Business Environment'.

The webinar was addressed by Ms. Soma Mondal, Chairperson, SAIL; Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Director(HR), IndianOil and Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE. Deloitte team comprising of Mr. Anandorup Ghose and Mr. Mohinish Sinha, Partners, Human Capital gave an insightful presentation into the changing paradigms of HR and measures to advent to the modern HR practices. Over 650 participants including senior officials from PSEs attended the webinar through SCOPE's various platforms.

While addressing the participants, Ms. Soma Mondal called HR as the backbone of every organisation and 'Change managers.' She highlighted the need for safety & well-being of employees, embracing technology by mapping digital quotient of employees, building resilience and leadership development as key issues to pave way for self-reliance and ensure business continuity.

Mr Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra resonated the need to treat the ongoing crisis as a lesson and adopt a multifocal approach of agility, adaptability and aligning with business to revive and thrive in business. He highlighted the role of HR in ensuring effective communication to bring the organisation together especially in challenging times. CodePen - Blockquote

SCOPE's webinars have become its most sought after capacity building programs.


Speaking on the subject, he said that the role of HR has undergone a massive change especially in the pandemic. He also highlighted that the new role of HR should be one of systemic thinking that would enable adaptability, agility and strategy and effective utilisation of the workforce.