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"It was better to know the worst than to wonder." ― Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

Soothe Healthcare Supports 'Project Masoom' by Young Indians
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Soothe Healthcare Supports 'Project Masoom' by Young Indians Tufte CSS

Soothe Healthcare Supports 'Project Masoom' by Young Indians

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Soothe Healthcare, a growing personal hygiene company in India hosted an awareness workshop on child abuse and menstrual health at their manufacturing facility. This workshop was organised in collaboration with Young Indians, a part of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Childline under the Project Masoom. .

Objective of the workshop

As part of the continued effort to sensitize conversation around menstrual hygiene and child abuse, the objective of the workshop was to educate adults on the same. The informative and interactive workshop was held with more than 50 women. The first session, conducted by the trainer from Young Indians focused on different forms of child abuse and the importance of establishing a circle of trust and safe space for children

Talking upon the need of awareness and Project Masoom, Mr. Sahil Dharia Founder & CEO, Soothe Healthcare said "Children are the future of the country and to keep them safe and protected is our responsibility. We want to work towards creating a progressive environment for women and children and we are very proud to support Project Masoom. This workshop with Young Indians helped assure parents that there is always someone to help them in case the need arises."

The second session expatiated on the significance of menstrual health, and good menstrual hygiene practices that one should adopt. Ms. Megha Sharma, Senior Executive - Govt Policy & Advocacy at Soothe Healthcare was the spokesperson for this session.
An awareness workshop on child abuse and menstrual health organised by Soothe Healthcare

Shikha Chopda, Chapter Chair, Young Indians Noida said "At Young Indians, we believe in creating a safe environment for children. We believe that every member of this community should be educated regarding child abuse and should undergo this sensitization. Soothe Healthcare aligns with our beliefs, and we are thankful to them for supporting our program and encouraging their workforce to participate in the same."

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