THDCIL offered two Hydro Projects in Arunachal Pradesh THDCIL offered two Hydro Projects in Arunachal Pradesh

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THDCIL offered two Hydro Projects in Arunachal Pradesh



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THDCIL gets two Hydro Projects in Arunachal Pradesh

Thesynergyonline Corporate Bureau

RISHIKESH, DECEMBER 27 :The Government of India and State Government of Arunachal Pradesh have offered 02 Mega Hydro Projects to THDC India Ltd(THDCIL) in the State of Arunachal Pradesh for implementation. THDCIL offered two Hydro Projects in Arunachal Pradesh

Hydro projects

These Hydro Projects are viz. 1200mw Kalai-II and Demwe(Lower) 1750 MW in Lohit Basin of Arunachal Pradesh. These projects have been offered as a part of Basin wise Indication of Projects in North Eastern Region as overall development initiative of the State of Arunachal Pradesh.


It is to mention that successfully commissioning and operating of Tehri HPP (1000MW) since 2006-07 and Koteshwar HEP (400MW) by THDC since 2011-12 was instrumental in offering of the above large hydro projects. THDC is one of the premier hydro power generators in the country and has attained very rich experience in Hydro Power Generation sector in the State of Uttarakhand. THDCIL CMD Mr R.K Vishnoi thanked the Ministry of Power, Government of India and Government of Arunachal Pradesh and said that very soon THDCIL is going to open office establishment in Arunachal Pradesh to expedite the above mandate. With the allocation of above hydro projects for the first time, THDC is going to enter in the North Eastern Region of India with very high ambitions. This is a major milestone in terms of business expansion of THDC, Sh. Vishnoi added.

Currently, THDCIL has six operational projects,02 Large Hydro Projects viz. Tehri HPP (1000MW), Koteshwar HEP(400MW) in Uttarakhand, 24 MW Dhukwan Small Hydro Project in Uttar Pradesh, 02 Wind Power Projects 50 MW in Patan and 63 MW in Dwarka in Gujarat and 01 Solar Power Project of 50MW in Kasaragod Kerala. This has led to total installed capacity of 1587MW.

THDCIL also has major under construction Tehri PSP (1000MW), VPHEP (444MW) in Uttarakahnd and 1320MW Khurja Super Thermal Power Project in Uttar Pradesh under advance stage.

Mr R.K. Vishnoi, CMD also outlined THDC's vision of taking constructive initiatives on floating solar power projects, as well as other Wind, Solar and Small Hydro Projects to enhance its diversification interventions. This will enhance THDCIL's geographic presence in other parts of the country. Mr. Vishnoi also stressed that THDCIL has expressed its deep interests to acquire more projects in Uttarakhand state in order to stimulate employment and wider economic growth locally.

The Minister of Power, Mr R.K.Singh has also urged the Chief Minister, Govt of Uttarakhand for allotment of hydro projects to THDC.

THDCIL offered two Hydro Projects in Arunachal Pradesh


"The Govt of Uttarakhand is expected to take an early decision in this regard so as to continue development of Uttarakhand State."