Green Ride' on bicycle from Mumbai to Delhi to raise awareness against air pollution

What air is there left to breathe ?

"People said that the sky used to be bright with stars, that sailors and wanderers could find their way home just by using the sky as a guide. It wasn't a sky he'd ever seen himself. Ames had grown up wearing a mask outside and popping cough medicine like breath mints." ― Rebecca Crunden, Dust & Lightning

Green Ride' on bicycle from Mumbai to Delhi to raise awareness against air pollution
Sine qua non
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"Fairies with gossamer wings, Bring forth beauty, grace and joyful things. Fairies of the earth are caretakers of our soil, water and trees, They watch over beautiful creatures such as bears, bunnies and bees. Fairies ask that you breathe in and appreciate the vantage point from which you stand, Then trod carefully and respectfully with each intentional step you make across this beautiful land." ― Molly Friedenfeld
"Say, I am the air
I break; or say,
I am a
spool unwinding."
― Anne Sexton
"No air,
no balloons!"
― Ljupka Cvetanova,
The New Land
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Milind Soman culminates
1,000 km long 'Green Ride'

on bicycle from Mumbai to Delhi to raise awareness against air pollution

Event powered by GAIL as part of 'Hawa Badlo' initiative

Thesynergyonline Corporate Bureau NEW DELHI, December 14 : After a 1,000 km long bicycle journey from Mumbai to raise awareness against air pollution, fitness icon Mr Milind Soman reached Delhi where he culminated the 'Green Ride – Ek Pahal Swachh Hawa Ki Ore' powered by GAIL (India)> GAIL Chairman and Managing DirectorMri Manoj Jain, Director (Marketing) Mr E S Ranganathan, Director (Finance) Mr i R K Jain, Chief Vigilance Officer Mrs Shubha Naresh Bhambhani and other senior officials were present on the occasion.

The Green Ride entourage started on December 3, 2021 from Mumbai and passed through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana before arriving at New Delhi.

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GAIL CMD Mr Manoj Jain :

GAIL was always at the forefront of the fight against air pollution . . The company's social media initiative 'Hawa Badlo' which strives to raise awareness against the menace has reached netizens over 100 million times. "As part of its commitment towards raising awareness for sustainable and environment friendly lifestyle, GAIL partnered with 'Green Ride - Ek Pehal Swachh Hawa ki Ore' which is an unique initiative by fitness icon Shri Milind Soman to raise awareness and encourage the people of India to do their bit towards cleaner air," Shri Jain said.

"Delighted, Grateful & Exhilarated!

This sums up my journey on cycle from Mumbai to Delhi. The GREEN RIDE was an effort to explore and promote healthier modes of transportation," Shri Soman said. "I hope I was able to create some more awareness about how we are polluting the air we breathe, and efforts we all can make to reduce this pollution! Every small step that we take, like opting for a car pool, planting a tree, choosing to cycle rather than take a car, quitting smoking and so many other small ways, plays a huge role in making our environment healthier for us and all life on the planet. Will continue to champion for this cause and other important ones through more such initiatives in the future," he added.

Presented by Bank of Baroda and powered by GAIL (India) Mr Milind Soman interacted with media at various points, met environmentalists, rural students and planted saplings on his route to spread awareness on the issue of clean air. He also interacted with GAIL employees at various places and discussed issues of health, fitness and environment with them.

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