PNB CSR wintry help : distributes blankets to Safdarjung Hospital patients


    for Safdarjung Hospitalpatients


"Melancholy were the sounds on a winter's night." ― Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room

NEW DELHI, JANUARY O5 : "Stairs to success are made of people." ― Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land As part of PNB corporate business strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) being its nucleus thePunjab National Bank (PNB). On the auspicious occasion of the New Year distributed blankets late at the night to the poor and underpriveleged sections of the society.

Dr Ram S Sangapure, ED, Punjab National Bank, Mrs Rashika R Sangapure, Vice President of PNB Prerna alongwith Mr B N Mishra ,General Manager of the bank distributed blankets to patients in different wards of Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

Prior to that blankets were distributed on January 01, 2018 to the cold ridden people in slum area , footpath and railway station of Gurgaon late at night by Mr. J.K. Gupta, General Manager and other senior officials of the bank.

The bank has been proactively acting up to the needs and aspirations of the underprivileged section of society .

"We all are busy in our lives handling our homes, work, various issues, ailments and so on… sometimes we don't have a second to spare even for our own selves, so caught up with life we are… But, despite our problems, despite the pressure of anything, despite all kinds of challenges we face in our daily lives, if we can still just pause and stop to look at someone else's problems, if we can just smile at the other person, believe me, we would have not only made someone's day but will also feel that our own burden has become lesser and our problems may not appear to be that big after all! That's the beauty of caring for others. Have you noticed how much at peace those people are who walk up to a perfect stranger and lend a helping hand, without being asked to and without expecting anything in return? That is what unconditional caring for others and helping others do to you. That is what service, good deeds and kindness do; they help the receiver as well as the giver." ― Latika Teotia

"We live in a world where people need help, attention, understanding, compassion and empathy. It's a good thing to reach out to others and help them in whatever way you can- in fact, make it a point to help at least one person a day. You will be twice blessed, firstly by receiving positive blessings from the person you helped and secondly by having a 'feel good factor'." ― Latika Teotia