A mother is an irreplaceable gift that God has given every mankind

"A mother is an irreplaceable gift that God has given every mankind. Your (a child's) duty is to honour, adore, respect and serve her. Your blessings are tied in how honour she felt." ― Wisdom Kwashie Mensah

By: Solon(Greek: Σόλων Sólōn [só.lɔːn]; c. 638 – c. 558 BC) was an Athenianstatesman, lawmaker and poet

"Many bad men are rich, many good men are poor; but we shall not exchange wealth for honour, for money flits from man to man but honour abides forever."

""Love is respect, recognition and honour given without expectation." - Theodore Volgoff

"Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself.... The friction tends to arise when the two are not the same....There is no more hollow feeling than to stand with your honor shattered at your feet while soaring public reputation wraps you in rewards. That's soul destroying. The other way around is merely very, very irritating." ― Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civil Campaign

By: Donna Goddard, Waldmeer

"It is a great honour to be human. Humans have the capacity to freely choose their destiny and, one day, they will all choose the right destiny."

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